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Food For Your Mood – Part I.

Immensely impactful, abundantly vibrant, and utterly delectable are a few adjectives used to describe a daily necessity that stimulates your five senses to the core. I’m talking about food. Not just any food. Food that tantalizes your pupils with liveliness, crackles through your ear passage infinitely, engulfs your nostrils aromatically, and bewitches your hands till you cannot hold back any longer. Sure, you may think that it is impossible for all those senses to be coupled into one epic moment, but I assure you that you have experienced it subliminally at one point or another when feasting on food and looking up to the heavens above and mentioning “oh my gah” while food is still in your mouth. As beings we enjoy indulging in food and we initially do so with our eyes. Think back to the last time where your entrée was arriving from afar and your eyes tracked the floating plate similar to a lion hunting a delicate gazelle in Sub-Saharan Africa. We enjoy gawking at food as much as we do consuming it. That is why many individuals enjoy food photography. Food photography allows you to be inspired, to crave, and satisfy that craving with minimal effort. The only key ingredient food photography needs is the audience it seeks to satisfy. That is where you come in. Enjoy the photo blog series so aptly named Food for your Mood.