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My Very First Photo Blog

As my very first photo blog, I find it appropriate to discuss how my curiosity in photography developed into a hobby and how my hobby developed into a business. I was always amused at what my father was looking at when he looked through the lens of his now vintage Nikon. Soon, I was old enough to have some hands on experience. Needless to say I thought to myself that what he was looking at was nothing extraordinary. It was simply what was on the other side of the lens. It was only until my late teens that I understood how a simple image that is captured through the lens can be manipulated to inspire sentiments. This led me to further my knowledge in photography and videography and develop a hobby, or as many refer to it, a passion for film and photography. After many shoots, travels, and Instagram postings it was fitting that I start a production company that would tell a different story, one that is vastly different from when I first looked inside the lens of my father’s Nikon.