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It’s the little things, the “why” that counts

Far too often are photographers asked questions regarding how the photo was taken, what camera or lens was used, and so forth. What I have come to notice is that although the camera and lens play a large role in how the photo looks, it is in essence the “why?” factor we disregard or fail to ask. What I mean by the “why?” factor is the question, “Why was the image taken this way?”, “Why did we want to evoke a certain emotion?”, “Why, oh why?” The key to truly discovering the art behind a photo is asking a photographer “why?” Many will say, it’s because of the vision they were trying to portray or due to the availability of resources they had. Whatever the case may be, the answer is never “Because the client wanted it that way.” If it is, then all the photographer has provided is his/her photo taking capabilities and the clients requests to take some photos on a scheduled day, end of story. This rarely happens in the industry when employing a photographer with experience and a natural talent for producing impeccable photos. A client hires a photographer due to the appeal of the photographers past photo’s and artistry. A photographers duty to the client is to put the same love, care, and commitment into producing an image that sets it apart from those that preceded it. “Why” enables us to understand the what, how, where, and when a photo was taken, as it answers the fundamental reasoning behind the photos inception. All-in-all, whether the photo is of a Grilled Cheese Sandwich or the Acropolis, it’s usually the little things, the “why” that counts.