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All the Leaves were brown on this fall day when Baby Alexander gave us a reason to gaze into his adorable eyes as he counted down the days till he was 1. Turning 1 is a big deal for every infant as this is the time they begin to walk, talk, and zip around. Before the big hoorah, it was vital that I capture the essence of fall. As we know fall brings the holiday season full swing. As such it was only fitting to capture details pertaining to the fall season and holidays. Brown leaves, apples, Halloween pumpkins, and Thanksgiving Indians. The natural sun setting beyond the trees was the cherry on top to allow for a warmer tone. The warm tone accentuated the colors of fall. After the fall shoot, the time had come for Baby Alexander to demolish his cake. Fortunately for table manners, Alexander politely ate the cake with his index finger and thumb. He ate the cake in gracious manner at first but once the flavor of sugar sparked his taste buds, he dug right in which resulted in a successful smash the cake session full of laughter, fun, and a sugary mess.
























Film School Habits Die Hard

Sketching is an artist’s way of presenting his/her thoughts, ideas, and inspiration on paper. When it comes to a photo shoot, I find it best to scribble abstracts on how I’d like the photo to look like prior to going on scene. Much like storyboards in film, pre-shoot sketches conceptualize three vital elements that provide the photographer a visualization of the scene, subject, and composition. The scene comprises of everything in the foreground, center, and background of the subject. The scene includes all things natural and unnatural that corresponds with the photo shoot and subject. The subject or main subject is the reason for the photo shoot. The adorable baby, the romantic couple, or the composed model are all examples of the main subject. The composition or framing is the type of shot you’re looking to get out of each set-up. The most common framing techniques used in photography are the rule of third’s, empty space, and simplicity. Some photographers capture an image and adjust framing in post-production while others take their time to adjust each as they shoot. There is no right and wrong way to compose an image. Personally I find it more effective to adjust framing during the shoot which allows me to have a variety of photo’s to choose from in post-production. If you think about it, sketching is like preparing for what’s to come. Sketching in photography or electronic arts is similar to a grocery list, financial planning, and life in the sense that you make a sketch of what you want to accomplish prior to beginning your journey instead of diving head first without any sense of direction. As an old habit from film school, I have realized sketching is definitely a habit worth keeping.