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A San Francisco Treat

After a recent visit to San Francisco, I discovered that Rice-a-Roni is not the only San Francisco Treat. From the immensely different districts to the various dining options San Francisco has to offer, you might get lost trying to figure out just what to do next. It was my first time visiting Frisco and I quickly learned that no matter where you are, when there are sights to see, time is your enemy. Quickly mapping our getaway we visited the most distinguished places of interest and took the recommendations of fellow San Franciscans on where to go next. Dining was predetermined, as it was one of our priorities to visit the suggested eateries. As a photographer, I am always searching for different perspectives to capture a memory. This way, my photos are vastly different than anything I have taken before. I love to shoot angles and in odd positions that many believe to be unnecessary. An example of this was when I was shooting the St. Peter’s and Paul Church in Washington Square. Getting down on my knees and leaning in-between two tightly parked cars was not mandatory when it came to getting a shot of the cathedral, but it was the extra effort that made the photo and memory special. All-in-all, San Francisco stays true to its distinct character, flavor, and beauty. As a city, San Francisco serves as a treat for all sightseers and visitors alike while providing a cozy environment for those that call this renowned city home.